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Pride Pest Control Sheffield and surrounding areas specialise in the removal of many different pests.
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Pest Control Services

Pride Pest Control can help with the removal of many pest including:


Getting rid of moles in your lawn, paddock or fields need no longer pose a problem with the treatment we prefer to use traditional trapping methods which will efficiently remove your moles in a discrete and humane manner. We choose to use a proven, tried and tested and always successful trapping program as opposed to the many other weird and frequently bizarre old wife's tales, simply because we genuinely believe this system of wildlife management provides a satisfactory conclusion to your dilemma. We are a 3rd generation mole catching company with many years experience. No moles, no fee. Get in contact now for your free site survey and quote.


Wasps can cause a real problem for both domestic and commercial property's. In large numbers wasps can cause damage to property as well as being a nuisance especially in the warmer months of the year. Pride Pest Control can assist with wasps nests in any location and at any height.

Rats & Mice

Rats and Mice are a common pest, in both domestic and commercial premises. They are well adapted to living in close contact with humans and thrive in the conditions that man provides. They can cause extensive damage to property as a result of their gnawing activities, and also by eating and contaminating food. They may carry a number of diseases that can pose a risk to humans and animals. If your quality of life is impacted by Rats or Mice, give us a call today on 0800 1185364. and we can eradicate the problem quickly and efficient.


Insect infestation covers an array of different pest problems, but here at Pride Pest Control we can deal with all insect pest problems, so whatever the insect we can help you. The most common insect pest problems are bed bugs, ant infestations, cockroaches, flies, bees and wasps. However, if these insects are not the problem, please contact us directly and we will discuss your individual pest problem and needs.

Pride Pest Control tackles insect infestations for business and domestic customers across Yorkshire.


Mice, Rats and Squirrels are the most common rodents. Our homes and food supply are very attractive to them and they cause fear, damage and spread many diseases.

When it comes to controlling rodents there are many things to take in to consideration such as food source, size of infestation, location of nest and the length of time the infestation has been active before any type of poisoning or trapping is put in to place.

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Areas We Cover:


Arbourthorne, Hillsborough, Broomhill, Shiregreen, Mosbrough, Birley, Fulwood, Stannington, Stocksbridge, Darnall, Nether Edge, Graves Park, Burngreave ... Plus many more.




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Our Services

Pride Pest Control can help with a wide variety of different pests including:

Mole Removal

No moles, No fee. Get in contact now for your free site survey and quote. We cover sheffield, Derby, Nottingham and Leicester ...

Rat Removal

We understand how sensitive rodent problems can be, and we are reputed for our FAST and EFFICIENT service ...

Wasp Removal

If you have problems with mites, fleas, cockroaches, wasps, ants or textile pests, Pride pest control will help you keep them under control ...

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